Research Education and Compliance Training
Coming Soon

OSP will introduce a new approach to training and educational opportunities primarily using a computer-based model that promotes a unique instructional platform for the research community.  With the ever-changing landscape of research administration, we must be ready to REACT.....

OSP's electronic platform, Research Education and Compliance Training, will utilize an Oracle based system.  Through OSP customization, this software allows for multiple interactive learning methods, allows for the personalization of training and references based on roles and responsibilities, eliminates the need for in-person training sessions, provides time-sensitive training on relevant topics which eliminates down-time for faculty and staff, automates procedures that are currently manual (i.e. creating training materials from system documentation), increases our ability to keep the documentation current, is not reliant on external interfaces (i.e. or Coeus training environment) and increases our ability to collect data for accountability assessment. 

Stay tuned for more to come.