Business Objects Universe
What is Business Objects/InfoView?
Business Objects is a reporting tool that allows the viewing of data through a web browser. The data for the reports is provided by the different Universes that have been defined to Business Objects.
Business Objects at Vanderbilt provides reports for several areas including Coeus. Coeus reporting can be used as a tool to assist the planning needs of your area. Many of the canned reports offered provide users across the Institution with real time data related to grant and contract sponsored activity to support their specific need.
How to Access Business Objects/InfoView
To access InfoView, you can go to:
You can bookmark this login screen (Firefox) or make it a favorite (Explorer). You can also access Business Objects from the eBusiness webpage:
Access / Permissions Needed
To request permissions your Department Administrator will need to do the following in PEER.
To request permissions for someone:
  • Login to PEER ( )
  • Click on the Submit an Action Request link
  • Use the drop‐down menu to select Biz Objects: Add a Business Objects User to My Unit
  • Complete the fields as indicated
  • Click the Submit Button
  • Once the permissions are given (usually within one business day) you will receive a confirmation email