OSP Weekly Announcements

Back to Articles List > Coeus Upgrades Effective 8/30/2013 (2013-08-29)

  • A new question is being added to the questionnaire in Coeus that will help the VU IRB Regulatory Affairs Office manage projects that do or could potentially include a “device” that would require FDA approval for use.  Information regarding the process, regulation and definition of a “device” can be found under the information section tied to the question in Coeus.  At any point in time you may contact Barbara Gibson, Regulatory Affairs Officer (RAO), at barbara.gibson@vanderbilt.edu  or 615-875-8965, for assistance. 
For proposals already “Approval in Progress” you will not be prompted to answer the new question.  If your proposal is “In Progress” you will receive a validation message and will be required to address the question in the questionnaire prior to routing.    
  • Currently, outgoing subawards are entered into the Organizations tab and the subaward budget module in Coeus.  With this upgrade, you will not have to key the organization name in the subaward budget module.  Instead you will be presented with a drop-down list of organizations that have been keyed in the Organization tab.  Therefore, make sure your outgoing organizations have been listed on the Organizations tab prior to adding the subaward budget information in the subaward budget module for the outgoing subs.