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Additional Resources for OAK

Additional resources.

The following sites and services are offered by Vanderbilt University to help faculty and students get the most out of teaching and learning with technology.

Center for Teaching: The Center for Teaching offers online resources for integrating technologies with teaching and learning, including guides to course management systems , online writing, and gathering feedback from students online. The Center also offers a range of programs and services for Vanderbilt faculty and teaching assistants, including workshops on a variety of teaching topics and individual, confidential teaching consultations. (visit their site)

Vanderbilt University Library: Vanderbilt's library offers a broad range of services and technologies that support teaching, learning, and research. Included in these services are web seminars and electronic reserves. The Library is now the steward to the OAK and its related projects. (visit their site)

University Web Communications: The Office of University Web Communications is a division of the Vanderbilt News Service and oversees the Vanderbilt homepage and the top level pages of (visit their site)

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