Registration Instructions

2014 Spring:

Registration for the spring 2014 semester opened October 31st. If you will graduate in December 2013 with your final degree here, you do not need to register for spring. Otherwise, to avoid penalties and frustration please be sure to complete this process by December 1st. Be aware that late registration can cause the expiration of deferral periods on student loans and additional taxes to be taken from paychecks. All full-time graduate students must register each fall and spring with no breaks in registration to remain in good standing. This includes "research only" and "zero-hour" situations.

A note about registering for research

Dissertation Research courses numbered 399 or 3990 are reserved for students who have completed the qualifying exam or equivalent process. Prior to this achievement, one should register for Non-Candidate Research courses numbered 379 or 3790. In all research courses, be sure to select the section specific to your advisor.

Please see your advisor regarding spring courses and research plans right away. Then register with YES at or through your program coordinator. The Help resource within YES is best for questions regarding use of the YES system, but you can email if you have additional concerns.