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VU Forms

Vanderbilt Forms for Sponsored Research

Each form is available in an easy to fill format and can be printed directly from the screen (requires Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Excel.)

  • Please note that Acrobat Reader does not allow one to save completed PDF files. The complete Adobe Acrobat product (available for purchase from the Computer Center) is requred in order to save a completed form.
  • General instructions for filling Adobe Acrobat forms.

Pre-Award Forms

Post-Award Forms

General Instructions for Completing Adobe Acrobat Forms

  • Entering data into a field: The hand icon must appear on the screen in order to enter data. Once the hand icon appears, click on the field in which you want to enter data and begin typing information. Tab to the next field. Be sure to press the enter key after you've entered data in the last field.
  • Radio buttons: Any fields that contain a check box work like a toggle switch. Click on the check box and a check mark will appear when you click your mouse. In some cases, only one item in a group can be checked.
  • Calculated fields: Many of the fields on the forms are calculated fields and data will automatically be filled in as the form is completed by the user.
  • Percentages: Any fields which require a percentage should be entered as a number between 0 and 1 (i.e. 0.51)
  • Printing forms: If your Adobe program only prints the form and doesn't print the information you enter, check the box "Print as Image" in the print dialogue box.