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KnowledgeMap: Comprehensive Curriculum Content Management and Mapping System for Medical Education

KnowledgeMap is a web accessible comprehensive content management system with robust mapping capabilities across the entire curriculum (at the level of full lectures, not just outlines or syllabi) that facilitates overall design, management, and evaluation of a coherent and coordinated curriculum.

Method for Modeling Signal Transduction in Cells

This technology relates to a mathematical model of a biological process having a complex spatial geometry. The methods of this invention can be employed to model many biological processes, such as cell signaling in general and vision in particular. These models can also be used to model the pathology underlying diseases characterized by disrupted signaling pathways, and to identify target proteins at an appropriate site in a signal transduction network such that modulation of the target proteins elicits therapeutic effects. Methods of modeling diffusion processes, as well as machine-readable products embodying the methods are also disclosed. Issued US Patent 7113898.

TagDock:an efficient rigid body molecular docking algorithm for three dimensional models of oligomeric biomolecular complexes with limited experimental restraint data

TagDock is an efficient rigid body molecular docking algorithm that generates three-dimensional models of oligomeric biomolecular complexes in instances where there is limited experimental restraint data to guide the docking calculations. Through distance difference analysis TagDock additionally recommends followup experiments to further discriminate divergent (score-degenerate) clusters of TagDock's initial solution models

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