New Ventures Philosophy

The New Ventures Team at Vanderbilt’s Center for Technology Transfer & Commercialization (CTTC) serves as a reliable partner for Vanderbilt faculty staff, and students, as well as local and regional entrepreneurs who are exploring new ventures based on Vanderbilt technologies.  Our primary objective is to identify and support suitable new venture opportunities (such as Universal Robotics, pictured right) that can be built around Vanderbilt intellectual property. These new ventures contribute to the growth and diversification of the high-tech and life sciences industry in the region and throughout the country and promote the entrepreneurial aspirations of Vanderbilt faculty, staff and students while helping commercialize innovations that benefit the public at-large.

Successful entrepreneurship is a contact sport that requires support and resources. The New Ventures Team at Vanderbilt offers:

CTTC will help to create a few strong companies each year. We want Vanderbilt to help produce the most successful startups, not the most startups.
Access to the right people.
New ventures require relationships with investors, entrepreneurs, business people, consultants, lawyers, and members of government, as well as access to local and regional incubators and accelerators. CTTC has relationships with these as well as an external advisory council.


Speed .
New ventures need to move quickly to be successful. We support that need for speed as do those who engage with us.
Transactional flexibility.
We accommodate the needs of new ventures, i.e., we will consider taking a portion, but not all, of transaction consideration in the form of equity.
Our innovators need to know the lay of the land. CTTC provides education to and connects innovators with those who can provide that education.
One of the best measures of success are third party investments in our startups. Our goal is to help reposition technologies as business opportunities poised for investment.
CTTC and Vanderbilt will contribute to new venture governance as long as we add value.
A sophisticated vetting process.
CTTC's vetting process aims to measure the likelihood of new venture success by evaluating the technology and the market and relying on proof of concept validation.


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