Eligibility and Guidelines

Who is eligible for the VU@EC program?

All Vanderbilt faculty, staff and students who have an innovation that (i) has market potential; (ii) focuses on commercialization; (iii) is uniquely suited for exploitation via a new venture, rather than licensing; and (iv) has protectable intellectual property.

How are VU participants selected?

Applications are reviewed by the CTTC New Ventures team. The review includes a comprehensive due diligence examination of the technology, IP protection, the management team, industry dynamics, market trends and the competitive landscape.

How long can I / my team or company remain in the EC?

The goal of the VU@EC program is to support aspiring VU entrepreneurs by accelerating the business formation process and expediting future decisions regarding new venture creation. This process includes an intensive program to create a business plan and financial model and which will prepare the management team to meet with potential investors and to make a professional investment presentation.  This process will take from three to six months.

What milestones are new venture candidates required to meet?

VU@EC  program participants are required to set milestones that are agreed to by the new venture management team and CTTC. These milestones may include benchmarks for product development, funding and customer acquisition. CTTC staff will review progress toward these milestones with VU innovators and entrepreneurs at least monthly.

How do I apply?

VU entrepreneurs and innovators interested in learning more about the VU@EC program should contact Rigved Joshi, Manager of New Ventures, at rigved.joshi@vanderbilt.eduYou may request a VU@EC application form or submit it online by clicking here. The online submission form can only be accessed by those with a VUnetID.


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