Invention Disclosure Forms

Please download the appropriate disclosure form below.  You may call our office at 615-343-2430 if you have any questions about which form to use.

For innovations that are patentable (such as diagnostics, devices, therapeutics, material innovations and the like)
For software technologies
For content, educational materials and other copyrightable materials that are not software
For research tools and tangible materials



Reasons to disclose:

  1. To give CTTC a full description of the invention for evaluation purposes
  2. To identify contributors
  3. To fulfill the obligation to disclose
  4. To fulfill government reporting requirements

Once the form is complete, you may email a copy, along with any attachments, to the Center for Technology Transfer and Commercialization at  If you have already been in contact with someone from our office, please send it to his or her attention. 

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