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Past CT Fellows Retreat Schedules

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The student retreat is an innovative event that brings together a select group of students and faculty from Vanderbilt’s professional schools for two intensive days of engagement with each other. An underlying premise is that for individuals to be effective moral leaders within their own professions, they need to understand the challenges facing their own and other professions as well as be familiar with the assumptions and perspectives held by professionals in other fields. Faculty from each of the participating schools lend their expertise and insight as they challenge the students to address a range of issues facing the professions.

Pennyrile Pennyrile 2
Pennyrile State Forrest Resort Park   

In the past, the retreat was held at Montgomery Bell State Park. The Park is approximately a 2-hour drive from Nashville. Students were housed two to a room. Expenses (lodging and food) were covered by the Cal Turner Program.


Wed August 11, 2010

8:00    Meet for coffee and discuss article (Parker Palmer Article)
9:30    Travel from Vanderbilt to Pennyrile State Park
11:30    Check-in and Lunch
1:30    Introductions (Reside facilitating)
2:30    1st Session – What is the CT Fellows Program?
3:30    Break
4:00    2nd Session -- Group work: Discuss your professions and share with the group:
5:30    Dinner
7:00    3rd Session -- Faculty Panel: Each faculty discusses their particular professional story.  
9:00    Welcome Reception, Cabin

Thurs August 12th: Working Together

7:00     Breakfast
8:30    Welcome, Day’s Agenda, Housekeeping
9:00    4th Session -- Working Together: Faculty Present cases from their own work, research or experience, that demonstrates the need for cross-professional collaboration.  
10:30     Break
10:45    5th Session -- Introduce the Projects for the Year
12:30    Lunch
1:15    Afternoon is Free
Free Time Activities (Scavenger Hunt/Geo Cashing, Mini-Golf, boating, swimming, etc)
6:30    Cookout
Evening    Karaoke

Fri August 13th:

7:00    Breakfast and check out of room
9:00    6th Session -- Values based Leadership: Presenting the Values Instrument, and connecting it to the fellows’ sense of professional identity.
10:30    Break
10:45    7th Session -- Values Based Leadership Continued…. Metaphors for Self
12:30 pm    Lunch
1:30    Concluding Comments (Reside)
2:00    Depart from Pennyrile


Friday August 14, 

8:00    Meet for coffee and discuss article (Parker Palmer Article)(Reside, Nash)

9:30    Travel from Vanderbilt to Pennyrile State Park
11:30    Check-in and Lunch, Main and Dining Room
1:30    Introductions (Reside facilitating)
2:30    Leadership and what it means to be a Professional (Reside, Nash, Perry, Vergara, Victor, Etherington, McLure, Eberhart)
3:30    Break
4:00    Values Assessment (McClure)
5:30    Dinner
7:00    Values Assessment (McCLure)
9:00    Welcome Reception, Cabin

Saturday August 15th:
7:00      Breakfast
8:30      Welcome, Day’s Agenda, Housekeeping
9:00      Morning Session I – Common Moral Problems (Reside, Perry and students – drawing on their interview data)
10:30    Break
10:45    Morning Session II Engaging Students interviews
12:30    Lunch
1:15      Afternoon Session: Dilemmas of Professional Life (Reside, Nash, Perry, Vergara, Victor, Etherington, McLure, Eberhart)
2:30 – 6:00     Scavenger Hunt/Geo Cashing
6:30      Cookout
Evening  Karaoke

Sunday August 16th:

7:00    Breakfast and check out of room 
9:00    Looking Forward (Nash on CHD, Eberhart on Sustainability)
10:30   Break
10:45   Looking Forward Cont'd. (Victor on Project Pyramid, Vergara & Etherington on IGH)
12:30   Lunch
1:30     Concluding Comments (Reside)
3:00     Depart from Pennyrile