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Peacemaking Circles 1.10.13

Peacemaking Circles: Practicing at Work How We Want to Show Up in Life

Tracy Roberts, MSW, Chief Executive Officer Circle Center Consulting, LLC
Chris Palombo, MA, MSHM, FACHE, Chief Executive Officer, Dispensary of Hope
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Research shows that people are happier, more cooperative and productive, and more likely to make positive changes when those in authority do things with them, rather than to them or for them. Peacemaking Circles are an innovative, yet ancient, tool that can be used by leaders in many different settings and for many different purposes. Circles offer a simple but profound format by which organizations and its leaders can build trust and community, while also providing professional development and other tools that create and sustain healthy work environments. Samples of topics we cover in Circle include stress/burnout & vicarious trauma, active listening skills, work/life balance, group consensus building, conflict management, mentoring and celebration/recognition.

Participants will learn the basic tenets of the Peacemaking Circle process and the “how” and “why” behind this profound organizational tool. Participants will learn about different types and applications of Peacemaking Circles and the benefits of holding Circles within an organization. Participants will learn the importance of shared values and how relationships are deepened and teams are strengthened when Circle participants share stories and wisdom in an intentional space. This presentation is experiential and will be conducted in Circle, so participants will have an opportunity to experience the process as well as ask questions before Circle is closed.  

This breakfast is limited to the first 30 participants who register.