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Annual CT Fellows Retreat

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Leadership Retreat

CTP fellows are required to participate in a Leadership Retreat held at the beginning of the academic year. During this weekend event, fellows will explore issues of professionalism, leadership and ethics through a series of workshops and guided conversations. They will examine the specific ethical commitments inherent in their chosen professions. Each profession serves a set of moral purposes and each profession has its particular moral conflicts. Engaging those purposes and managing those conflicts requires a strong  sense  of professional identity, effectiveness and leadership. Questions explored at the retreat include:  What does it mean to be a moral leader in our particular professional sphere?    In partnering with others, how can we contribute to the common good from within and across our professional locations?    Put simply, as professionals, how can we help?   What can we learn?  

The Retreat also features plenty of free time to enjoy leisure activities with other Fellows, building camaraderie and  collaboration  in preparation for working together on interdisciplinary Fellows Teams engaging community problems.

Fellows can access the discussion readings for the retreat here.