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10/09/2015 (Friday, 1-2:30pm) Working GroupTEI/XML

10/23/2015 (Friday, 1-2:30pm) Working GroupText Mining

10/23/2015  (Friday, 3:10-4pm) FTT:   The Telepresence Language Teaching  Experience, Mareike Sattler (Senior Lecturer, Anthropology)

10/30/2015 (Friday, 1-2:30pm) Working GroupData Visualization


11/06/2015 (Friday, 1-2:30pm) Working GroupGeospatial Tools

11/06/2015 (Friday, 3:10-4pm) FTT: Project Start-up: An Innovative Approach to Developing Communicative and Global Competence in the Foreign Language Classroom Mary Beth Raycraft

11/13/2015 (Friday, 1-2:30pm) Working GroupTEI/XML

11/20/2015 (Friday, 1-2:30pm) Working GroupText Mining

11/27/2015 (Friday, 1-2:30pm) Working GroupData Visualization


12/04/2015 (Friday, 1-2:30pm) Working GroupGeospatial Tools

12/04/2015 (Friday, 3:10-4pm) FTT: (TBA)

12/11/2015 (Friday, 1-2:30pm) Working GroupTEI/XML

12/18/2015 (Friday, 1-2:30pm) Working GroupText Mining

12/18/2015 (Friday, 1-2:30pm) Working GroupData Visualization


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