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The Ingram Commons: The Foundation for College Halls

 The Ingram Commons

The Ingram Commons, a one-year living and learning experience for the entire first-year class, opened in the fall of 2008. It consists of ten Houses (five new and five original), each featuring seminar rooms, music practice rooms, and apartments for ten resident Faculty Heads. A Dean’s residence and an activity/dining facility complete this active and engaging area of campus. 

Beyond the bricks and mortar, the distinctive feature of The Ingram Commons is the range of opportunities it presents for meaningful faculty-student interaction outside the classroom. In recent years, Vanderbilt has made significant investments in its faculty, recruiting and retaining great scholars who also value the opportunity to teach and mentor undergraduates. The Ingram Commons facilitates new ways for them to engage in the growing sense of intellectual vitality on our campus, and thereby model values of leadership and scholarship to the newest members of the Vanderbilt community. 

By spending their first year in The Ingram Commons, our students look to their remaining undergraduate years with a heightened sense of engagement and more proactive attitudes of learning and leading as Vanderbilt students. Older undergraduates feel more comfortable interacting with faculty, directing activities of their own design, and reaching across the campus to connect with a wider range of people and opportunities. As they move to the central campus as upperclassmen, we aim to create new ways to promote active student engagement, intellectual exchange, faculty-student interaction, leadership development, personal responsibility and self-governance.

In the coming months and years, we will build upon the success of The Ingram Commons by creating a series of residential colleges known as College Halls at Vanderbilt.


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