How to choose the correct Activity Type

Proposal Type: One of the following must be chosen when building a proposal development record:

  • Continuation-An application in which a progress report must be submitted to receive an increment of funding from a previously awarded amount.
  • New-An application that is being submitted to a sponsor for the first time.
  • Renewal-Proposal that requests an additional award that will continue funding a previously awarded study and has either an announced open competition for the existing award or is not open to competition but also is not guaranteed to be funded. A renewal application competes with all other applications and must be developed as fully as though the applicant is applying for the first time.
  • Resubmission - Revision of a previously submitted and possibly still "PENDING" proposal. Think 2nd or 3rd attempt at getting a project funded. These 2nd or 3rd attempts should always create a new Institute Proposal number. This proposal type should also be used to process substantial "administrative revisions", where the sponsor requests a change in proposed scope/budget. If used in this scenario, OSP will "sequence" the original Institute Proposal record instead of creating a new record.
  • Revision-An application that proposes a change in the sponsor's financial obligations or contingent liability from and existing obligation/award. Request for additional funds for a current award to expand the scope of work would be considered a Revision.