Annualizing Effort for Academic and Summer Appointment Types

In order to annualize effort for faculty who have academic and/or summer salary, you must first put the effort in equal terms by changing the effort into months. Therefore, for academic effort, take the % effort X the 9 months of the academic year to convert the effort into months. For summer effort, take the percentage effort X the 3 months of the summer. If there is effort in both terms, the calculation is:

20% of the academic year =.20 X 9 = 1.8 months
33% of the summer term = .33 X 3 = 1 month

To annualize, add the months together and divide by 12 (months of the year).
2.8 months / 12 = .233 or 23% annualized effort

For faculty who's summer effort is 2 months out of the 3 summer months, effort would be 67% of the summer.
To annualize: .67 x 3 /12 = .167 or 17% annualized effort

For faculty with only academic effort at 20%, to calculate annualized effort:
.20 X 9 / 12 = .15 or 15% annualized effort

A point to remember, the academic year runs from August 16 through May 15 and the summer term runs from May 16 through August 15.