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Coeus is a research administration program developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Office of Sponsored Programs. Over the years, Coeus has grown into a full fledged research proposal development and submission tool. Vanderbilt's implementation of Coeus has been customized to meet the particular requirements of the institution, and contains Vanderbilt's grant proposal and award information for the past decade.

Subaward Budget Forms

If your S2S Application includes this Subaward Budget Attachment Form Use this Subaward Form in the Budget Subaward screen to upload and Translate
RR SubAward Budget V1.2
RR SubAward Budget 30 V1.2
RR Budget V1.1
RR SubAward Budget V1.3
RR SubAward Budget 30 V1.3
RR Budget V1.3
RR SubAward Budget 10 10 V1.2 RR Budget10 V1.1
RR SubAward Budget 10 30 V1.3
RR SubAward Budget 10 10 V1.3
RR Budget10 V1.3
RR FedNonFedSubawardBudget V1.2
RR FedNonFedSubawardBudget 30 V1.2
RR FedNonFed Budget V1.1
RR FedNonFedSubawardBudget 10 10 V1.2
RR FedNonFedSubawardBudget 10 30 V1.2
RR SubawardBudget 10 ATT V1-4
RR SubawardBudget 30 ATT V1-4
RR Budget V1-4
RR SubawardBudget 10 YR 10 ATT V1-4
RR SubawardBudget 10 YR 30 ATT V1-4
RR Budget10 V1-4
RR FedNonFed SubawardBudget 10 ATT V1-3
RR FedNonFed SubawardBudget 30 ATT V1-3
RR FedNonFed Budget V1-2