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Helpful Information

This free service is for Vanderbilt faculty, staff, students and alumni ONLY.  This is verified by submitting your Vanderbilt e-mail address. (Alumni without an e-mail address should e-mail to discuss).

The myVU classifieds are intended for the exchange of goods or services on an employee-to-employee basis. We will not accept ads submitted by Vanderbilt employees on behalf of commercial interests or non-Vanderbilt vendors.

Contact information in the form of a phone number and/or email address is REQUIRED.  Only personal contact information may be used in the actual ad: no Vanderbilt e-mail or phone number. Also, no realtor information may be included in the property ads.  We do not accept ads for re-selling Vanderbilt athletic event tickets.

Ads expire after two weeks. After it expires, if you'd like to continue to run the ad, please re-submit it using the "Submit" button.

If your item(s) sell before the two weeks are over, please send an e-mail to and request that the ad be removed.

We will not post:

  1. Ads from realtors or ads that have realtors as a contact.
  2. Ads for reselling Vanderbilt Athletic tickets.
  3. Ads submitted by Vanderbilt employees on behalf of commercial businesses or non-Vanderbilt vendors.
  4. Ads for firearms (related accessories, ammunition or other weapons).
  5. Ads for any controlled or illegal substances.
  6. Ads soliciting money for personal or non-Vanderbilt fundraising efforts.


It is possible for Web "spiders" to look for e-mail addresses on a Web site. If you are concerned about receiving spam, you can either not post your e-mail and rely on phone numbers only or you can spell out the e-mail (i.e., myvu AT vanderbilt  DOT edu) so the spiders cannot read it.

Free Stuff

If you have something to give away for free, consider posting it in the Vandy FreeSwap category, a section for Vanderbilt students, faculty and staff who are giving away (and getting) free, usable, unwanted items to others instead of disposing of them in landfills. You may find what you're looking for — and unload stuff you don\'t want. It's a simple, economical, rewarding practice that can literally help save the Earth. Take a look around »

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Vanderbilt University does not, in any way, endorse the products and/or services offered by participating businesses. Vanderbilt does reserve the right to refuse or discontinue participation eligibility in the Faculty/Staff Discount Program based on unsuitability of goods/services or negative experiences as reported from users or for any reason as determined at the sole discretion of Vanderbilt without any notice.

Vanderbilt is not responsible for errors, incorrect information or misprints, but will seek to correct misprints as soon as possible after such information is brought to the attention of Vanderbilt.