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Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a small country in the Caribbean, located on the island of Hispañola, shared with its neighbor to the West, Haiti. The country has a powerful political and social history shaped by power struggles and intense race relations, and in the past has been known for its sugar production and today, a booming tourist industry.

Lesson Plans

PPT Al banco - Dominican Republic Exchange Project
PDF Passport to the Dominican Republic
PDF Qué Hacen los Dominicanos: Lesson Plans
PPT Qué hacen los dominicanos?
PPT Slavery in the Dominican Republic
PDF Transportation in the Dominican Republic
PPT Vamos al mercado
PPT Vamos de Compras
PDF Vamos de Compras Lesson Plan
PDF Webquest - Dominican Republic
PDF ¿Dónde estoy en la República Dominicana?

CLAS Lending Library Resources

DVD Black in Latin America (2011)
Book Dominican Republic: A National History
Book In the Time of the Butterflies
Book The Atlantic Slave Trade: Second Edition
Book The Feast of the Goat (Dominican Republic)
Book The Heart that Bleeds: Latin America Now

CLAS Workshop Presentations

PPT Qué hacen los dominicanos?
PPT The Era of Trujillo
PPT Vamos de Compras
PDF Vamos de Compras Powerpoint Text