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Resources for World Language Teachers (Spanish & Portuguese)

Resources for classroom use ranging from lesson plans to presentations on world foreign language teaching.

Vanderbilt is home to the Center for Second Language Studies; more information can be found here.

Lesson Plans

DOC Lesson Plan - Combatting Stereotypes (Spanish)
DOC Lesson Plan - Daily Life in Spanish
DOC Lesson Plan - Latin American Geography
DOC Lesson Plan - Postcards from Ecuador
PDF Qué Hacen los Dominicanos: Lesson Plans
PPT Qué hacen los dominicanos?
PPT Slavery in the Dominican Republic
PPT Vamos al mercado
PPT Vamos de Compras
PDF Vamos de Compras Lesson Plan

CLAS Lending Library Resources

Book Count Your Way through Brazil
Culture Box Ecuador Culture Box and Powerpoint
Culture Box Guatemala Culture Box and Powerpoint
Book Um sonho no caroço de abacate

CLAS Workshop Presentations

PPT Latin America 101
PPT Latin America 101: Ted Fischer
DOC Lesson Planning Worksheet for Teachers
PPT Qué hacen los dominicanos?
PPT Teaching the Americas Award
PPT The Use of Public Space in Mexico
PPT Using Film in the Classroom
PPT Vamos de Compras
PDF Vamos de Compras Powerpoint Text