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Your Toolbox

Tools and ResourcesThe Center for Student Professional Development and these web tools are designed to help you get where you want to go in your career journey.

Everyone’s search is unique, and there are no set guidelines for the resources you will need. No matter where you are in the process, using these tools could make a huge difference in your future.

The links below provide quick assistance, when you need it, and each section contains relevant online resources. You may not need help in all of these areas. If you are just getting started, however, we suggest you review each of the topics. Keep in mind that the broader your approach, the likelier you are to realize successful results!

Explore the Possibilities
Exploring the Possibilities - Find clarity concerning your career and life goals. Take control over the next step in your journey.
Focus on a Cluster
Focusing on an Industry Cluster - Get more specific advice and feedback about your goals by engaging in cluster-specific services, resources, and events.
Etiquette - Presenting yourself professionally and appropriately will aid you no matter what other tools you use, while not using professional etiquette may jeopardize all your efforts.
Explore the Possibilities
Researching - Wide-ranging tools are available to help you see the company, industry, or job in a more realistic and practical way.
Networking - Leveraging your network is a key strategy for increasing your opportunities.

Informational Interviewing - Discover more about a company, industry, or job by asking someone who is already doing it.

Cover Letters - Learn how to customize your cover letters to accurately target a specific opportunity.

Resume - Master the art of writing a resume that matches your narrative, and tailor it to match your goals.

Interviewing - Prepare and practice for the variety of interviewing situations with these techniques and tips.

Online Resources - A one-stop collection of various online resources for your convenience.


Need help?

The staff of the Center for Student Professional Development is eager to support you in identifying and pursing professional opportunities. Our career coaches are available for individual and group coaching appointments. We’re ready to help you shape your professional exploration at any stage of the journey.

The coaching relationship is what will maximize your opportunities and fully leverage the Center’s resources to meet your needs.

To get started, stop by the Center during our walk-in hours and meet with a career coach. A 20-minute session gives you a chance to have your resume critiqued, get answers to your questions, or develop an action plan for next steps.