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Focusing on an Industry Cluster

Focus on a Cluster

Once you have gained a basic level of familiarity with your goals, we encourage you to focus on specific industries.

The Center for Student Professional Development has divided the world of work into seven different groups, or industry clusters. The clusters you pursue may not be directly related to your major. For example, English majors sometimes find themselves in the music industry, and Engineering majors may find themselves on Wall Street.

The cluster approach allows you to explore your interests in various fields and to discover how to apply what you have learned in your courses of study to a particular field of interest. Your co-curricular experiences may also yield valuable applications to various fields.

For each of the clusters, the Center provides tailored programs, events, workshops and coaching geared specifically to the needs of students and to the needs of employers looking for qualified students in the specific industries. Check out the information below about the seven clusters; you’ll find resume and cover letter samples, as well as a listserv associated with each one. Our coaching staff can answer any questions you have about any of these clusters, so be sure to ask!