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On-Campus Recruiting

Students Prepare for On-Campus Interviews

As part of your search, we encourage you to leverage part of your professional network--the Center for Student Professional Development's Campus Recruiting Program.

The program offers four different opportunities for you to connect with employers offering internships and full-time positions in a variety of career fields: On-Campus Interviewing, Industry Career Days, Employer Information Sessions, and Internship and Job Postings (DoreWays).

We encourage students interested in Campus Recruiting to participate in Campus Recruiting professional development sessions offered at the beginning of the Fall and Spring recruiting season.


The Insiders Guide to On-Campus Recruiting

The Insiders Guide to On-Campus Recruiting was created to answer your questions and includes step-by-step instructions on how to prepare and apply for an on-campus interview in DoreWays.


On-Campus Interviewing (OCI)

OCI offers you the opportunity to connect with employers during on-site interviews held in the Center. Employers will post their internship and full-time opportunities in DoreWays, which you will need to use to apply to these positions.


Job Postings

Professional opportunities can be found on Industry listservs (after you subscribe) and on DoreWays where employers post internship and full-time positions.


Accessing Your DoreWays Account

All current Vanderbilt undergraduates have a DoreWays account. Simply use your VUnetID and ePassword on the Single Sign-On page to login. Once in the system, you will be able to search for Jobs and Internships. All OCI opportunities will be posted in the system under the "Jobs/Internships" section entitled "Vanderbilt Jobs and Internships."

If you want a tutorial on the most effective way to use DoreWays check out the DoreWays Users Guide for students. This guide can assist with searching for jobs and internships, applying to opportunities, managing your applications, and managing your interviews within DoreWays.

If you need to furnish a transcript as part of the application process, please read our instructions for uploading transcripts into DoreWays document.


DoreWays Requirements & Suggestions

Drop in during walk-in hours to have your resume critiqued!

Center staff can review and make recommendations on content, style and layout to help improve this important document. View our Resume Frequently Asked Questions to get answers to common questions.

Before you can apply to any positions in the system, you will need to have a resume uploaded in DoreWays. Your resume should reflect you and your abilities accurately. Once your initial resume has been uploaded you may begin applying for positions. If you make changes or wish to create multiple versions of your resume, you will be able to upload additional resumes and cover letters into the system.

Some positions will also have other requirements that may prevent you from applying such as a minimum GPA or "only Seniors."  Additionally, some positions may require that you upload unofficial transcripts. In order to do that, please read our instructions for uploading transcripts into DoreWays document.

You will want to begin researching the organization and preparing for an interview even before you are selected. Take advantage of our tools to help learn, refine, and practice to make you have a serious competitive edge.

If you are selected for an interview, practice makes perfect. Read our tips on preparing for the interview. Additionally, it is important that you review our On-Campus Interviewing Policies. We also encourage you to meet with a coach before, during, and after your interview to let us know what happens.


Employer Information Sessions

Many employers will hold information sessions (also called 'infosessions') prior to their interviews. These employer presentations provide a convenient and comfortable way to network with recruiters and other company representatives. Some employers may require attendance at their presentations if you are interviewing with them. These are often used to establish the first impression, so be sure to dress appropriately in professional attire.

A typical information session will consist of a short overview of the company's recruiting process. Speakers will address general topics such as the corporate culture, benefits packages, and other topics that would otherwise take up valuable interview time. Afterwards, you will usually have a chance to talk informally with company representatives. It is not unusual for employer representatives to include Vanderbilt graduates who have recently joined the organization. Information about Information Sessions can be found in DoreWays.


Industry Career Days

You can expand your network by attending events like a career fair or an Industry Career Day (ICD), where you can meet employers and especially alumni who can help you by providing information and referrals.  Regardless of your year, your major, or your career direction, career fairs can provide a valuable resource as you explore careers and seek employment. Whether you’re interested in one organization or many, full-time positions or internships, career fairs and Industry Career Days  can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your job search efforts.

These events offer Vanderbilt students and alumni multiple opportunities to meet face-to-face or in a virtual setting with prospective employers or academic admissions personnel. Login  to your DoreWays account to discover more information and to search for current events.