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2011-2012 Outreach Update

10 Nov 2011

Rocket Building Contest at Core Howe Middle School

Rocket Building Contest at Core Howe Middle School

On November 10, our team partnered with science teachers at Cora Howe Exceptional School to create a special "Rocket Day with Vanderbilt" for 27 middle school students. We kicked off the day with an assembly introducing students to the Vanderbilt team, the NASA USLI, the engineering design cycle, and the design challenge for the day: building the water bottle rocket that flies the highest. Students then split into their classes and rotated through three stations: fins, nose cones, and water. At each station, members of our team engaged students in hands-on experiments that supported students in refining their understanding of physics principles and their rocket design plans. Students also explored models highlighting design aspects of our rockets and other NASA products, such as the Voyager spacecraft. The day culminated outside with a final celebratory (and competitive) launch, which was watched by many others in the school. Though the day was a success for all students who participated, we are also working to have a special award for the winning design team: a visit to Vanderbilt in the spring.

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